Reducing customer energy usage and cost for millions of American households and businesses

at a glance

One of the largest utility providers in the United States tasked us with creating a digital product to replace their existing vendor solution with the aim to create an engaging experience across traditional and digital channels to get customers to reduce their energy usage.

Product design, customer experience

Omni-channel experiences, gamification, research & analysis, UX/UI design, interactive prototyping

Utilities, energy

what we did

Over nine weeks, the Slalom XD team collaborated with the client to identify and design towards key moments in the customer experience that informs and engages customers with meaningful interactions to reduce their energy consumption.

Community / crowd-sourcing

  • Support customer goals
  • Client-sponsored content
  • User-generated content
  • Best practices, expert advice, ratings

Omni-channel experience

  • Channel-agnostic core features
  • Enhanced online experience
  • Prominent CTA for profile update
  • Paper, email, responsive web, & app

Peer comparison

  • Personal energy & cost goals
  • Peer comparison by cohort
  • Attainable goals
  • Positive reinforcement


The Slalom XD team designed a responsive web experience, app, and traditional mailer collateral, rounding out an omnichannel experience to engage all utility customers across a wide spectrum of proficiencies and preferences to meet their energy-saving goals.

Keeping in mind that twice the amount of customers receive the paper home energy report than the email, the Slalom team knew there was a need for a strong introduction into the program on both digital and paper channels.

The client’s data scientists developed some clever data analysis to predict home details, but ultimately needs the customer to validate their home type, heating and cooling systems, among other criteria. Profile completion was a key success metric and strong call-to-action througout the experience.

In addition, Slalom was able to build upon the client’s existing proprietary  design system to include new components for data visualizations and rich insights that can be leveraged for new and existing products.


After reviewing the brief and their customer data, we came up with some design principles and proto personas to frame our approach. These were imbued in our designs and conversations throughout the project.

Ideation workshop

Slalom facilitated a half-day workshop with cross-functional stakeholders to define and align on goals, pain points, and opportunities along the customer journey. We then ideated on elevating key moments and applied them to our proto personas.

Interactive prototypes

Slalom designed both a responsive website and native iOS/Android app. We expanded the existing client design system to accomodate heavy data visualizaton, creating and optimizing components where necessary for mobile screens, usability, and accessibility.

Omnichannel approach

Slalom designed both traditional paper collateral in addition to the digital product that ensured the experience reached the widest possible audience to meet their goals regardless of channel preferences.

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